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"Which canvas to choose?"

Our awning fabrics are sold with a 12 year warranty.

It's the perfect choice: By default, we offer awning blinds sold and selected with care, designed specifically for outdoor use, and guaranteed for 12 years.

They will protect you from the sun, heat, light, and UV... and you will keep your accommodation cool for years to come.

These awnings are just as capable of withstanding years of exposure to the weather: (rain, wind, pollution, dirt, etc.)

They receive a special treatment that makes them waterproof, resistant to the fungi responsible for the molds inherent in the accumulation of vegetation waste from yards, and to soiling.

100% acrylic, they are made from a mass-dyed thread, a guarantee of colour fastness in the sun.

Our awning fabrics are suitable for use in an awning or chest, but can also be suitable for use in pergola, shade sail, stretched tarpaulin, or any other outdoor product...

Finally, as proof of the quality of these fabrics, we offer a 12-year warranty from the day of delivery.

The S&P Sélection® collection

At Stores & Pergolas®, we have been handling awning fabrics since 1986. Suffice to say that we know a lot about the subject of sun protection.

We manufacture several thousand each year, and we are fully aware of the duty to advise and the responsibility we have towards you.

So, we want to continue to offer you products that represent the best possible choice to stay cool.

To reach this ambitious objective, we have decided to bring together the fabrics that have the best technical characteristics and the best performance on the market.

We have grouped them in a collection called S&P Sélection®

We believe this collection is the best possible choice for your patio. This is the one we have by default.

Over 2000 references available for delivery.

Of course, we also offer other collections for delivery: DICKSON®, SATTLER, SAULEDA, LATIM®, GIOVANARDI®, SUNWORKER®, SOLTIS® etc...

Textiles, PVC, tarpaulin... This represents a total of more than 2,000 products. That is to say, much more than it takes to get lost.

However, we recommend that you choose yours from the S&P Selection® collection that we offer by default. With 225 references divided into 96 solid colours, 15 classic stripes, and 111 fancy stripes, you should find the design you are looking for your terrace at the best price sold on the internet.

"What colour to choose ?"

What colour to choose ?

Orange, pink, red, white, blue... the range sold is so wide that one can legitimately ask about the colour of the canvas.

Is it an awning, a window blind? Be aware that the colour of the fabric will affect the amount and colour of light transmitted under the blind or inside the housing.

Always prefer a dark shade fabric. These fabrics are more efficient thermally, so they better protect you from the heat.

The darker it is, the fresher it is.

In addition, dark fabrics are more visually pleasing. They eliminate excess light and reverberation and make it so that you never need dark sunglasses when under the shade of your awning.

Did you know? A dark textile is more effective in terms of protection against heat than another lighter product. On first thought, people tend to believe the opposite. It is, however, true. Look to convince yourself with this example on two canvases from the same manufacturer, sold on our site, from the same collection, having the same weight per square metre, the same manufacturer. All that sets them apart is their colour, which we have chosen to be very contrasting.


S&P Sélection® fabric reference 0030 black colour:

Solar transmission = 0.00 Thermal comfort: High.

S&P Sélection® fabric reference 0026 white colour: Solar transmission = 26.40 Thermal comfort: Medium. So much less fresh!

This means that the lightest colour fabric lets in almost 30% of the heat, where the black fabric stops it completely.

In addition, the white canvas lets in 30% more light. Amazing, isn't it? Bring sunglasses. (Not sold on this site!)

Remember this simple thing: In terms of colours, choose a dark shade for your terrace.

In addition, know that the trend of fabrics sold for several years, is uniform.

"I live in a condominium: The colour reference is mandatory..."

In most co-ownerships, the choice of colour is fixed in the co-ownership regulations or by decision of the general assembly. Ask the Syndic, who will provide you with the canvas references, as part of the co-ownership regulations.

Blinds in a condominium

Then give us this reference, we will make your custom canvas in this precise colour.

If the property manager gives you the choice, as long as it is consistent with the building, we recommend that you make your choice from the S&P Selection® collection that we offer by default. With 225 references sold, distributed in 93 solid colours, classic stripes, and fancy stripes, you will find the canvas you are looking for.

Stores in a condominium

"I can't find the canvas I'm looking for ..."

"I can't find the canvas I'm looking for..."

The easiest way is to contact us by phone, on 09 70 70 77 57 it's free, or by email, or by chat directly on this page.

If the model is no longer sold, it may be an old canvas, decades old. The collections are constantly evolving, references are deleted, others appear. Even entire collections of fabrics are disappearing: The Dickson® Orchestra collection, for example, has disappeared in favour of the new collection: Dickson® Solar Fabrics.

Call us to find out. If this model is no longer sold, it will be imperative to choose another. If you live in a condominium, you are certainly not the first to have encountered this problem. The trustee will guide you, and certainly suggest that you stay within the strict framework of the basic shade, for a question of consistency with the fabrics in place.

There are often equivalences from one collection of paintings to another. We can certainly find you a canvas if not similar for your delivery, at least approximating.

"Can we have a sample?"

Blinds fabric samples

It's always better to know what is sold; see and touch a canvas before deciding.

The colours are sometimes very close. It is sometimes difficult to see on the screen of a computer, or worse, that of a smartphone.

Is there a difference in touch between a normal Dickson orchestra canvas and the same Max version canvas?

To make your life easier and to help you make your decision, we suggest you order your samples directly online. They are sold on our site.

The delivery is made directly to your home within ten days, and you can easily stop your choice of canvas.

Sending samples is not free, but you can buy as many as necessary and decide in this context, the right colour.

A collection of 225 premium quality awning fabrics, made from 100% dyed acrylic yarn. So many models specially designed and sold for outdoor use on blinds; awning fabrics treated anti-soiling, antifungal and waterproof to more than 300mm. water column.

There is also a very wide choice of trendy or more classic colours, solid colours, stripes, and texture and material effects, stitched, mottled, flamed, or tweed.

It is worth pointing out that all these models are a perfect choice and are sold immediately available and in stock. (Except temporary break).

"What are the most effective fabrics to protect against heat ?"

How to know the thermal performance of a canvas??

The heat (or coolness) felt under a shade fabric is measured precisely. For each S&P Selection collection reference, we give you "Thermal comfort."

The scale has three levels: Low Medium, High.

Textiles with "High" thermal comfort are cooler in summer.

Some thicker textiles are sold as fresher.

You will find, in particular, in the Dickson collection with weights greater than 300g.

Our opinion: Effectiveness is not proven. They are sold much more expensive. In the context of a blind test, there is nothing to establish which the freshest textile is.

""How does it work ?"

We offer you a structured and reassuring framework for ordering:

1- Request a quote online. It's free.

Enter the dimensions of your awning and click on the "CALCULATE YOUR PRICE" button. This is the price you will pay, excluding delivery costs. You will only have to add the delivery costs (£14) to get the overall price. At certain times of the year, we organise promotions on the delivery price, which is then offered. Transport is then free.

2- Choose a colour

Choose a shade you like from our S&P Selection® collection offered by default.

This presents 222 shades, 73 of which are solid. You should find the canvas you like.

Otherwise, broaden your search to other collections, we have them all: Dickson, Sattler, Sauleda, etc.

reference in the S&P Selection® collection that we offer by default

3- Place your order online

"How do I check the fastenings of my canvas ?"

Rest assured, it is often until delivery, the aspect of things that most concerns our customers.

Rest assured, we are here to help you see clearly.

We need to know how the canvas is attached at the top and bottom on the frame of the frame.

Up on the winding tube, and down on the load bar.

We talk about high fixation and low fixation. Indeed, the mechanism is normally sloping, with a high side, and a low side.

The high fixing

The fabric is attached to the winding tube. (the tube which turns on itself and rolls up the fabric.)

Different systems exist:

The textile can be glued, screwed, stapled, clipped or fixed with a rod.

Open your awning wide and unroll it entirely. Climb a stepladder and watch what you see.

Different systems exist.

We are there at all times, even after delivery of your order to assist you. How do you measure the width of your awning fabric? "

Case N ° 1: You still have the old canvas

If you still have your old canvas, measure it.

These are the exact measurements we need to make an identical canvas for your awning.

The measures to be communicated to us are those of the old canvas.

The total width of your awning is also called overall width. This is the width of the entire canvas once made, from one end to the other.

1. Take a metal tape measure. We do not recommend the use of a seamstress tape measure, because they tend to deform and give incorrect measurements.

2. Extend your awning completely.

3. Place the measuring tape directly on the canvas of the awning. Measure the width of the awning fabric from one arrow to the other. (View the photo).

Case N ° 2: You no longer have the old canvas.

What to do if you have run out of the old store’s canvas?

Over time, the old canvas has disappeared, or you preferred to get rid of it. All you have left is the awning frame. (The framework)

If you do not have or no longer have your old canvas, you simply have two steps to take:

The "WIDTH" corresponds exactly to the dimension of the load bar. (It is the aluminium or steel tube which goes up and down). Measure from arrow to arrow: (See photo).

If your awning is placed on the ground, which is the case when they are dismantled, it is even easier.

"ADVANCED" corresponds to the length of the arms of the blind + 30cm. for winding. So, remember to add these 30cm, because we will not do it for you.


1. It is easier to measure the width of your awning as a pair rather than alone.

2. Be specific: Slightly stretch the shade fabric. It should not fold. Take the dimension several times to avoid errors.

3. You will notice that the fabric is smaller than the roller tube of the blind itself. This is normal and allows the awning fabric to roll up on the tube without creases or friction. A gap of about 3 to 4cm on each side is normal.

How do I measure the progress of my awning fabric ?

The height of the awning fabric is also called "advanced" or "deployment". But it means the exact same thing.

Total height is an "overall" measure. It corresponds to the dimensions of the whole and made-up awning fabric.

How to measure progress awning fabric?

Case 1: You still have the old canvas.

1- Take a metal tape measure. We do not recommend the use of a seamstress tape measure, because they tend to deform and give incorrect measurements.

2- Extend your awning completely

3- Put the tape measure directly on the canvas. Measure the height of the awning fabric, from one arrow to the other. (View the photo).

4- Attention: Take care to add 30cm. at the value obtained to take into account the necessary winding of the awning fabric, on the winding tube

Case N ° 2: You no longer have the old canvas.

Over time, the old canvas has disappeared, or you preferred to get rid of it. All you have left is the awning frame. (The framework.)

- the value of "ADVANCED" corresponds to the length of the arms of the blind + 30cm. for winding. So, remember to add these 30cm, because we will not do it for you.

How to measure the progression of awning fabric?

Measure an arm between the two red arrows (see photo). Multiply the value obtained by two (the arm is folded in half) and add 30cm. at the value obtained to take account of the winding on the tube.


1. The measurement of the height of the awning fabric does not need to be accurate to the nearest centimetre. Indeed, taking into account the winding of the awning fabric on the winding tube, there is enough clearance and length of awning fabric, so that your awning deploys fully)

2. If you forget to add 30cm to the height measurement of the awning fabric, you run the risk, when your awning is open, of seeing the metal of the winding tube. It is not very aesthetic. So plan longer.

How to measure the progression of awning fabric?

Note that the diametre of most of the winding tubes used today is 78mm. This corresponds to a diametre of 78 x ft (3.14) = 25cm. So plan a little wider, 30cm, and everything will be perfect. This additional turn of awning fabric will very advantageously hide the unsightly galvanised steel (or aluminium) tube without it.

3. The blinds traditionally have a multiple projection of 0.5m. Measuring the height of the fabric of your awning, excluding the 30cm of winding, should, therefore, give a figure value of 200cm or 250cm or 300cm or 350cm or 400. Other measurements are less common.

4. Caution: If your awning is of the awning or semi-safe awning type, an excess of awning fabric can be detrimental to its good winding on the tube. The fabric of the canvas can indeed rub on the inside of the trunk.

5. Pay attention to the grammage of the awning fabric on the one hand, which must comply with the manufacturer's recommendations, and not to add too much canvas on the other. (30cm is, therefore, a maximum). If you do not know the recommendations of the manufacturer of the awning, take the same type of awning as the one you are replacing.

How to measure the lambrequin?

Again, this is very easy.

How to measure progress awning fabric?

You may encounter two scenarios, depending on whether you are still in possession of the lambrequin or not.

1st case: You still have the lambrequin.

Measure the width of your lambrequin

Observe it carefully. What is its shape? (Right, wavy, slots) You will need this information to place your order.

Measure it carefully in width and height.

2nd case: you don't have it anymore ...

How to determine the width of the lambrequin?

The width of the lambrequin is the same as that of the load bar. Measure it carefully.

For the height, you have the choice: Know that the standard height is 25cm. But you have plenty of time to choose another dimension. Bigger or smaller.

The very presence of a lambrequin on the frame of your awning is perfectly optional. A 25cm tall lambrequin presents the best balance in terms of proportions.

If you are not sure which shape to choose, know that the trend is for straight-shaped lambrequins. All other shapes, ripples, waves, crenels etc. are perfectly out of date.

"Can you really change your canvas yourself?"

Yes, it is perfectly possible to change your awning fabric yourself. It's about as simple as changing a light bulb or installing a picture frame.

If you are a handyman, it will be a formality. You can do it alone, but it will be easier if you get help. In fact, a shade fabric is often large, which makes it less easy to handle. With two or more, it all becomes so much simpler.

Videos to help you

As you have never done, we support you in this installation. Watch our videos for a good overview of how to do this.

Do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 09 70 70 77 57 every day, even on weekends, from 8h to 20h. It's free.

An appointment with a technician on the phone

Appointment: You can even make an appointment with a technician who will guide you step by step for your installation.

Know that we are at your side at all times for your re-lining. Finally, remember that thousands of people